Overview: Governance, Risk, Technology, and Value

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Part of the Managing the Asian Century book series (MAAC)


In this chapter the editor provides his overview, firstly, on China vis-à-vis two sets of countries, the developed and the developing, and, secondly, the diversity of insiders’ perspectives on these themes: governance, risks, technology, and values. Against the USA, the UK, Japan, and Germany, China on the basis of factual data of per capita performance still lags far behind. However when benchmarked against developing cluster (say, Brazil or India), China leads the pack. With instantaneity through the Internet, China should rapidly be overtaking even the USA on technology. The background of how this unique book of readings emerged from professors attending the series of Global Chinese Management Studies Conferences is provided. The roots to these Conferences may be traced to authors’ workshop at Zhong Shan Da Xue (Sun Yat-sen University), Guangdong, China. In the editor’s opinion, China is in phased transitions. What once prevails under Hu Jintao may be less relevant under Xi Jinping. Thus managers ought not to rely on rhetoric but gain insights from deep empirical research. Under governance, contributors captured changes in corporate social responsibility (CSR), the governance of capital markets and to the entire country, and the fusion of accounting information. Risk is an increasingly critical dimension of management, and authors emphasized three very different aspects: financial warning system, consumer-oriented risk insurance, and corporate philanthropic actions. Diverse topics of new product development, entrepreneurism in forestry and eco-labels are put under technology. Values include these: corporate values, I Ching and leadership (destructive). The editor hopes this Diversity of Managerial Perspectives from inside China may become the basis for discussion forums.


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