Advanced Control for Practical Engineering Applications

  • Khalid AbidiEmail author
  • Jian-Xin Xu
Part of the Studies in Systems, Decision and Control book series (SSDC, volume 23)


Although the theoretical results for periodic adaptive control are based on purely time-based uncertainties, in practical scenarios, state based periodic uncertainties can also be considered time-based if the system is at steady state. In this study, this is investigated and verified using a PM synchronous motor as a platform. In some systems with low quality components, it is unavoidable to have varying sampling rates at the various A/D ports of the system. Multirate ILC was developed with the intention to, as effectively as possible, attenuate the effects of the lower sampling rate components on the overall system performance. In this study, a Ball-and-Beam apparatus is used to verify that indeed, in spite of having lower sampling rates of certain components, superior performance is achievable. Fuzzy PID has been shown to be effective on highly nonlinear and difficult to model systems. In this study, a coupled tank apparatus is used as a test bed to investigate and verify the effectiveness of fuzzy PID. Experimental results show that even with the uncertain nature of the model, it is possible to achieve high performance of the system. Finally, using the fact that traffic patterns are repeatable, ILC is implemented to improve the flow of traffic in a freeway. It is shown by the simulation results that superior performance can be achieved using a very simple controller structure.


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