Important Factors in Choosing Tertiary Education Institutes

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According to UNESCO’s final figures for 2009, since 2000 the number of international students has increased by 75 %. The number of international students in Singapore is also expected to grow at 10 % annual rate reaching 150,000 in 2015. This number of students, according to a government’s foresees, is worth USD 5 billion and contributes to 2 % of GDP. As a result, there are various great opportunities coming up for higher learning education in Singapore. Singapore has become one of the most favourite destinations for international students for higher education; its growth rate is surpassing the traditionally favoured Western countries, such as US. International students have also become an important economic factor. According to former researches related to education, students are usually influenced by the surrounding sources of information as well as their own experiences. Besides, institutional factors such as program type, reputation, location, and facilities are also considered when students choose their higher learning institutes. Other studies also recognized the extreme importance of several country factors such as living condition, and safety that may affect students when they consider a destination for their study abroad. This chapter aims to examine the sources of information that international students in Singapore consider in order to choose Singapore as their study abroad destination. Additionally, the study also compares the importance of country factors and institutional factors. We have surveyed 234 students who are currently studying in Singapore to find out the competitive advantage of Singapore Tertiary Education. The results show that recommendations from friends and teachers have major influence on students’ decision in choosing their schools (higher education) and location of education, followed by country factors, such as personal security. Surprisingly, schools’ promotional activities and agents have limited influence on students’ decision making.


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