A Comparative Study of Methodologies of Protein Secondary Structure

  • M. RithvikEmail author
  • G. Nageswara Rao
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All living organisms are made up of cells and each cell in its turn consists of certain protein consequences which exercise an important role in catalyzing the chemical reactions. So, a study of a protein structure becomes a search lamp in the diagnosis of a disease. When the percent identity between two protein sequences falls below 33 %, it necessities to carry out the analysis of protein secondary structure. Of the several methodologies developed to analyze the protein secondary structure, two methods proved to be sound-dictionary of secondary structure of proteins (DSSP) and Garnier, Osguthrope and Robson (GOR), even though the prediction accuracy of GOR V is 73.5 % due to hazards in its implementation, GOR IV is generally used in spite of its accuracy being only to 64.4 %.


Protein Residue Motif DSSP GOR 


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