Fast Multi-Keyword Range Search Using GPGPU

  • Amirul AbdullahEmail author
  • Amril Nazir
  • Mohanavelu Senapan
  • Soo Saw Meng
  • Ettikan Karuppiah


Large organisations are constantly challenged by the need to handle big data. Big data sizes are a constantly moving target, as of 2013 ranging from a few dozen terabytes to many petabytes of data. The data is usually stored in very large databases that are often indexed off-line to enable the acceleration of on-line searches. More recently, the p-ary algorithm has been proposed to exploit the massively parallel architecture of graphics processors (GPUs) to substantially accelerate the search operations on such large databases. In this chapter we present a multi-keyword range search technique that efficiently exploits index data structures to search multiple text keywords in large databases. The multi-keyword range search is an extension of the p-ary algorithm which was originally developed by Kaldewey et al. We enhanced the p-ary algorithm to support multi-keyword search on GPGPU. We compare the performance in terms of response time, throughput and speed-ups between CPU and GPGPU implementations. The performance benchmarks demonstrated that our algorithm achieves up to 25× and 6× performance in terms of speed-up on Tesla K20c GPU card when compared to a single and multicore CPU implementations, respectively.


GPGPU CUDA GPU P-ary Multi-keyword search Binary search 



The research was done under Joint Lab, NVIDIA-HP-MIMOS GPU R&D and Solution Center. This is the first GPU solution centre in South East Asia. Funding for the work came from MOSTI, Malaysia. The authors would like to thank Prof. Simon See and Pradeep Gupta from NVIDIA for the supports. We also would like to acknowledge assistance and help provided by Zakiah Zulkefli from Universiti Sains Malaysia during her internship at MIMOS Berhad.


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