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A Pathway to Ultra-Lean IC Engine Combustion: The Narrow Throat Pre-chamber

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Engines and Fuels for Future Transport


Stable internal combustion (IC) engine operation with a lean mixture allows improved thermal efficiency and reduced engine-out emissions. However, lean limits in IC engines are challenging due to poor ignitibility. Narrow throat pre-chamber as an ignition source allows extending the lean limit through a robust multi-reactive jet ignition and in-cylinder turbulence generation. These benefits have revived the research interest in such narrow throat configurations of pre-chamber. Metal engine studies offer limited insights into the physics of pre-chamber combustion (PCC). However, when coupled with recent optical engine studies involving high-speed visualization and laser diagnostics, a better understanding of this combustion mode is unlocked. This work attempts to evaluate and summarise the recent advancement in PCC research.

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The work is supported by Saudi Aramco Research and Development Centre FUELCOM3 program under Master Research Agreement Number 6600024505/01. FUELCOM (Fuel Combustion for Advanced Engines) is a collaborative research undertaking between Saudi Aramco and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) to address the fundamental aspects of hydrocarbon fuel combustion in engines and develop fuel/engine design tools suitable for advanced combustion modes.

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