A Review on Design Optimization of Leaf Spring

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The suspension system of a vehicle plays a significant role in proper functioning and its behavior, i.e., vibration characteristics including ride comfort, stability, etc. Leaf spring used in vehicles is subjected to millions of varying load cycles causing its fatigue failure. Fatigue stresses are directly influenced by the unsprung weight of the vehicle. A decrease in unsprung weight will decrease fatigue stress [1]. Leaf spring used in heavy vehicles has contributed about 20% of unsprung weight. Thus, small decrement in the weight of the leaf spring leads to increasing payload capacity as well as ride comfort of the vehicle. This is achieved by either selection of suitable materials, optimization techniques, or both. This paper focuses on material selection and optimization techniques followed by different authors to provide an overview of suitable material and optimization techniques for leaf spring. Review in the form of the table also gives a glimpse, which will help researchers.


Leaf spring Optimization techniques ANSYS Genetic algorithm FGM Fiber composite leaf spring Conventional leaf spring 


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