Numerical Study of Twisted Tape with Circular Cutout and Triangular Cutout in a Circular Tube

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Every industry has one common instrument that is heat exchanger. From a bike to a solar desalination plant that is spread in acres, heat exchangers are regular signtings. But sometimes they lack in their performance, to overcome which many accessories are used. Diverse method to improve the thermophysical performances is twisted wires and twisted tapes. A literary analysis has been conducted in this study on the application of twisted tape with air, nanofluid and water as working fluids, along with numerical analysis of simple twisted tape. In the current numerical analysis, Simple Twisted Tape (STT), Triangular Cutout Twisted Tape (TCTT) and Circular Cutout Twisted Tape (CCTT) have been compared and the relationship Reynolds number, Heat transfer, Outlet Temperature and pressure has been studied.


Twisted tape Heat transfer rate Thermodydraulic performance Perforated twisted tape 


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