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Table 17.5 Total storm protection value (for Kendrapada) by every km width and by every hectare of present mangroves

From: Valuing the Role of Mangroves in Storm Damage Reduction in Coastal Areas of Odisha

  Value of damage averted per km (width) of mangrove Value of damage averted per ha (area) of mangrove
Saving to state government in compensation paid in 1999 Rs. 39,568/(USD 943) Rs. 2339/(USD 56)
Saving to state government if revised compensation for house damage would have been applicable in 1999 Rs. 156,083/(USD 3716) Rs. 8550/(USD 204)
Saving to district economy (value of damages at market prices) Rs. 3,339,166/(USD 79,504) Rs. 182,080/(USD 4335)
  1. Notes The exchange rate used is IUSD = 42 INR as prevalent in 1999