Using Computing Software to Evaluate How Physical Conditions Affect the Chess Players Results in the World Chess Championship

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Although for many years, chess has been related to sedentary people, and even, in some cases, to people smoking in a room. In recent years, the world chess elite is full of very physically prepared people. In the last 20 years, chess trainers have also recommended specific diets, several hours in the gym, and also cardio training. In order to know how the physical preparation of chess players has affected their results in the world chess championships, we have developed a computing software which uses the most powerful chess engine and is able to detect the number of blunders (wrong movements) along with the world chess championship games. The paper will show graphically the number of blunders of all world chess championship players, how the number of blunders has evolved for those players that have played more than one world chess championship and in which part of the game have these blunders been made.


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