Thermodynamics of Gaseous Mixtures



In air-conditioning and combustion applications, we encounter essentially gaseous mixtures. In air-conditioning, dehumidification, or humidification, the substance comprises a binary mixture of air + water vapor. The substance is called an inert mixture because no chemical reaction takes place between air and water vapor. In contrast, combustion mixtures are multicomponent mixtures because several chemical species (for example, \(\text {C}_{\text {m}}\,\text {H}_{\text {n}}\), \(\text {O}_{2}\), CO, \(\text {CO}_{2}\), \(\text {H}_{2}\text {O}\), \(\text {NO}_{\text {x}}\), \(\text {SO}_{\text {x}}\)) comprise them. They are not inert because under the right conditions of temperature and pressure, they can react chemically.

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