Histopathology of Endocrine System



Endocrine pathology primarily includes non-neoplastic and neoplastic lesions of ‘thyroid’, ‘parathyroid’, ‘pituitary’, ‘adrenal’ and ‘pancreatic’ biopsies, thyroid being the most common. Disease spectrum ranges from ‘inflammatory’ to more common ‘neoplastic’ disorders. Thyroid neoplasms, in particular various types of thyroid carcinomas, are among the most frequently encountered biopsies. One particular area of difficulty and controversy includes ‘follicular neoplasms’ of thyroid where diagnostic criteria and even diagnostic entities and nomenclature keep on changing every few years. This chapter covers diagnostic light microscopic features with latest criteria as per the most recent WHO guidelines. Ancillary testing like special stains and immunohistochemical stains utility is also incorporated for ready reference.

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