Noninvasive Carotid Artery Pulse Monitoring System

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The carotid arteries are the major arteries located in the neck region. The carotid artery is divided into two branches: the internal carotid and the external carotid. The internal carotid arteries supply blood to the brain, whereas external carotid arteries supply blood to the neck and the face. Blockage or diseases of these arteries can affect the heart and the brain. Studying these arteries is very important from a healthcare point of view. In this paper, a system is implemented where the pulse-related activity of the carotid artery can be studied. A pulse-sensing sensor has been used to measure these pulses. Integrating it with Bluetooth and viewing the application on Android makes it convenient for a doctor as well as patient to view the readings. Along with pulse monitoring, comparison of them with the pulse pressure waveform database makes the system very efficient and reliable for diagnosis as well.


Carotid artery Pulse sensor Bluetooth Android application Pulse pressure waveform database Wireless communication 



The authors would like to thank Dr. Riddhi Doshi and Ms. Akshita V. Nichani.


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