Analysis Strategy

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This analysis is performed by the following three steps. The first step is to apply minimum requirements (preselection) to events in order to reduce unnecessary events for this analysis while keeping enough statistics for both background estimation and the search for signal. The second step is event classification by jets, b-jets, Higgs-tagged jets and top-tagged jets multiplicity to separate signals from backgrounds and improve signal sensitivity. Finally, in the third step MC prediction is fitted to data in \(m_{\mathrm {eff}}\) distribution with their uncertainties taken into account.


  1. 1.
    ATLAS Collaboration (2016) Search for new phenomena in \(t{\bar{t}}\) final states with additional heavy-flavour jets in 13.2 \(\text{fb}^{-1}\) of \(pp\) collisions at \(\sqrt{s} = 13\) TeV with the ATLAS detector. ATLAS-CONF-2016-104.

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