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In Chap. 10, no excess of the data is observed, and then the upper limits on the cross section for various signal models are set. The limits in both only 1-lepton channel and combined channel of 1- and 0-lepton are consistent with the data within three standard deviations of their expected uncertainty. However, the discrepancy by around \(3\sigma \) on the limits in only 1-lepton channel may be caused by other potential issues than statistical fluctuations. In this chapter, to investigate potential issues, the systematic analyses for the \(3\sigma \) discrepancies are carried out and summarised. The discrepancy on the limits can be caused by the fact that the data is observed less than the post-fit prediction at the last bins in the most sensitive categories as shown in Fig.  10.13. After the categories causing the discrepancy are identified, the detailed studies are performed.


  1. 1.
    Cowan G et al (2011) Asymptotic formulae for likelihood-based tests of new physics. Eur Phys J C 71:1554 [Erratum: Eur Phys J C 73:2501 (2013)]. arXiv:1007.1727 []

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