EEG/ERP Data Analysis Toolboxes

  • Gan Huang


The development and application of new methods allow us to perform more advanced analyses on EEG signals. However, the understanding of the mathematical and methodological details about these new methods would be no easy for the researchers without engineering and mathematics background. As a collection of tools for EEG signal processing and data visualization, EEG/ERP analysis toolboxes make the researchers be able to perform the complex analysis by simply clicking buttons or running some lines of MATLAB script. In this chapter, we firstly make a brief overview about the currently popular toolboxes in EEG/ERP analysis, such as EEGLab, FieldTrip, BrainVision Analyzer, etc., and then focus on the introduction of Letswave, which is an intuitive and streamlined tool to process and visualize EEG data, with a shallow learning curve. Examples are provided for a better understanding of Letswave7 in EEG/ERP data analysis.


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