Integrating Rainfall Load into Remedial Design of Slopes Affected by Landslides

  • G. L. Sivakumar BabuEmail author
  • Pinom Ering
Part of the Developments in Geotechnical Engineering book series (DGE)


Early warning systems mitigate landslide risk by providing sufficient lead time to implement actions in order to protect persons or property. However, landslide risk cannot be mitigated effectively by early warning system alone because in the majority of cases it is not possible to transfer settlements and infrastructures within the given lead time. Therefore, slope remediation measures are suggested for sites with landslide activity. For slopes prone to rainfall-induced landsliding, it is important to correct the existing slope with respect to rainfall load. However, rainfall loads are not integrated into the design process of remedial measures and the destabilising effect of rainfall is not quantified. This study provides a procedural method for integrating rainfall load into the design of slope remedial measures. The method combines rainfall–landslide relation model with remedial slope design.


Landslides Rainfall Remedial measure Rainfall–landslide model 



The results presented in the paper are part of the research project on ‘Landslide studies in Arunachal Pradesh’ sponsored by Arunachal Pradesh Public works department (AP PWD). The authors thank AP PWD for the financial assistance.


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