Research on Essential Connotation of Military Management Revolution Centering on Effectiveness

  • Peng GongEmail author
  • Dinghan Feng
  • Huiyong Wang
  • Ye Tao
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Sorting out the historical necessity and the inner driving forces of military management revolution has important significance on deeply understanding its essential connotation. The essay analyzes its historical necessity of military management revolution from the angle of its internal cause and historical logic; explores its essential connotation centering on efficiency from the three layers such as ideas, institutional mechanism and ways and methods. The essay thinks that military management revolution centering on efficiency is a new military management innovation from the aspects of ideas, institutional mechanism and ways and methods, which regards adapting new warfare as the main essence and winning new warfare as the basic aim.


Efficiency Military management Revolution 


Compliance with Ethical Standards

The study was approved by the Logistics Department for Civilian Ethics Committee of Artillery and Air Defense Forces Academy (Zhengzhou Campus).

All subjects who participated in the experiment were provided with and signed an informed consent form.

All relevant ethical safeguards have been met with regard to subject protection.


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  2. 2.Academy of Military Sciences PLA ChinaBeijingChina

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