Study on Classification and Characteristic of Type of Lower Part of Body of Female College Students

  • Jiandie Lin
  • Yuxiu YanEmail author
  • Zimin Jin
  • Lu Lin
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The accurate judgment and classification of the lower part of body of female is crucial for the fit and the comfort of female trousers. This paper took the type of lower part of the body of female college students as the main research object, collected the body data of the female by the non-contact three-dimensional human body scanner, and analyzed the data to obtain the three main components, and types of the waist–abdomen–buttock of female college students were divided into eight categories. The relationship between the circumference direction variables and the height and body mass index and the relationship between the length direction variable and the hip or height were obtained by regression analysis. Based on these, the rules of data generation of the lower part of female college students were obtained, and it was verified that the calculation results of the rules were effective within an error of 1 cm, which provided data basis of human body for the rapid design of the fit comfort pants version.


Type of lower part of body Factor analysis Classification of body type Cluster analysis Regression relationship 


Compliance with Ethical Standards

The study was approved by the Logistics Department for Civilian Ethics Committee of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University.

All subjects who participated in the experiment were provided with and signed an informed consent form.

All relevant ethical safeguards have been met with regard to subject protection.


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