Land Utilization and Circulation of Rural Households

  • Wenrong Qian et al.Email author


This chapter, by using data from the China Rural Household Panel Survey of Zhejiang University (CRHPS) to analyze the land utilization and circulation of China’s rural households, is mainly composed of four sections: Basic Situation of China’s Agricultural Land, Circulation of Cultivated Land (general situation, effects and influencing factors), Confirmation of Rural Land Right and Circulation and Land Expropriation. The results of this chapter show that 35.9% of Chinese agricultural households were involved in agricultural land circulation in 2015, which is 11.8% higher than that in 2013. In 2013, the rent for transfer-out cultivated land was 383 yuan per mu, and the rent for transfer-in cultivated land was 298 yuan per mu.


Agricultural land Circulation of cultivated land Land expropriation 

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