Safety Design for Customer Furniture Instrument in Satellite

  • Tian TanEmail author
  • Chunping Zeng
  • Xiaodong Jia
  • Jian Shi
  • Guoqiang Jiang
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More and More piggy-back units are required in recently spacecraft mission due to the willingness of space industry development of customer. The risk caused by such kind unit shall be considered in all projects, and normally the units which are mounted on board are required to ensure the safety of satellite. However, the risks shall be considered at system level. These risks are analyzed at system level, and some measures are taken in a typical project which include the power supply safety, communication safety and system safe mode design. All these methods are validated in ground test. The satellite was launched in 2018 and the performance can meet the requirement. The safety design to CFI is successful and all the measures can be a reference to other similar mission.


Safety design Power supply CAN bus Safe mode 


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