Cyclic Behaviour of Scrap-Tyre Soil Mixtures

  • J. S. VinodEmail author
  • M. Neaz Sheikh
  • Soledad Mashiri
Part of the Developments in Geotechnical Engineering book series (DGE)


This paper presents the liquefaction and dynamic properties of scrap-tyre soil mixtures. A series of strain-controlled cyclic triaxial experiments were carried out on sand mixed with different proportions of tyre chips. Tests were carried out at a constant relative density of 50% and an effective confining pressure of 138 kPa. It has been observed that the tyre chips have a significant influence on the liquefaction and dynamic properties of sand. The addition of tyre chips significantly reduces the liquefaction potential of sand. In addition, the shear modulus and damping ratio of sand–tyre chip mixtures is influenced by the amplitude of shear strain and number of cycles.


Liquefaction Dynamic properties Sand Cyclic triaxial test Tyre chips 


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