Perfect Absorption of Light

  • Xiangang LuoEmail author


The absorption of light refers to the conversion of photons and electromagnetic waves to other kinds of energy such as heat and photo-generated carriers. In classic optics, absorbers are characterized by how black they are; thus, an ideal absorber should be black as much as possible. In EO 2.0, the elaborately designed subwavelength structures not only provide a mean to realize ultra-black absorbers, but also enable the precise control of absorption spectrum in the entire electromagnetic spectrum ranging from microwave to ultraviolet band. In this chapter, we give a discussion of various narrow and broadband optical absorbers with special attentions paid on wide-angle, transparent, and refractory absorbers, which show great advantages over their traditional counterparts. Their applications in bolometers, solar cells, and sensors are presented.


Metamaterial absorber Broadband absorber Wide-angle absorber Transparent absorber Refractory absorber 


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