Polarization Manipulation, Detection, and Imaging

  • Xiangang LuoEmail author


Among all the properties of electromagnetic wave, polarization plays an important role. Polarization sensitivity has been utilized to substantially enhance the functionality of optical technologies, such as in polarization spectroscopy, microscopy, and imaging systems. Manipulation and detection of polarized light wave have been a hot topic for quite a long time but limited by the following two reasons. On the one hand, the anisotropy and dichroism in naturally occurring material are quite weak. On the other hand, different from the intensities and frequencies that are easy to assess using suitable detectors and spectrometers, the polarization state is difficult to probe experimentally since the inherent vectorial information is completely lost in the conventional detection process. As a consequence, the optical systems involving polarization applications have generally been of complexity and bulky size. Miniaturization of these devices and systems is highly desirable for the development of polarization-sensitive systems. The recent development of metamaterials and metasurfaces provides new opportunities to achieve polarization manipulation, measurement, and imaging with ultra-thin artificial structures. In this chapter, we shall give a detailed discussion about the polarization manipulation, detection, and imaging in EO 2.0.


Polarization conversion Form birefringence Anisotropic Chiral Polarization imaging 


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