Bioactives from Plant Food Processing Wastes: Ultrasonic Approaches to Valuable Chemicals

  • Yaning Shi
  • Yue Wu
  • Yang TaoEmail author
  • Yongbin Han
Part of the Green Chemistry and Sustainable Technology book series (GCST)


The utilization of plant food processing wastes is a global issue. The recovery of bioactives has been widely recognized as an important way for the utilization and valorization of by-products generated after plant food processing. For this purpose, ultrasound can be a green approach to take part in the processes transforming bioactives in food wastes to valuable chemicals. In this chapter, the bioactivities of three major bioactives in plant foods (including polyphenols, peptides, and polysaccharides), as well as their stabilities in ultrasonic fields, were first discussed. Then, the applications of ultrasound in two procedures, namely extraction and purification referring to adsorption and desorption, were reviewed. For ultrasound-assisted extraction, more attention were paid to the combinations of ultrasound and other green methods, such as utilization of green solvents, enzymolysis, microwave irradiation, and supercritical fluid extraction. Due to the limited applications of ultrasound to adsorb bioactives from plant foods, the effects of different operating parameters were reviewed. Besides, a methodology to simulate the mass transfer process during extraction and adsorption by means of a diffusion model with numerical methods was introduced. It is expected that this knowledge could provide some new ideas about extraction and purification of bioactives from plant food wastes in a greener way, as well as control of the ultrasound processes intelligently.


Ultrasound Bioactives Plant food wastes Extraction Adsorption Diffusion 



The authors would like to thank Prof. Farid Chemat and Dr. Ying Li for their kind invitation to join this book writing project.


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