The Partial Interest for Victims and Strategic “Forgetting” at the Tokyo Tribunal

  • Aleksandra Babovic
Part of the New Directions in East Asian History book series (NDEAH)


This chapter reveals the motives behind the omission of the mass atrocity committed against the population in the former colonies by the Japanese from the indictment despite the fact that the evidence was available during the Trial. Instances of rape, bacteriological warfare, human experimenting, and sexual slavery are unaddressed which comes with serious repercussions both legally and historically speaking. Babovic observes what was the purpose of partially including some of these crimes in the Indictment. The chapter also looks at the instances of Allied atrocity against Japan and shows in what way they have complicated Japan’s understanding of its own guilt.


Crimes against humanity War crimes Atomic bombs Colonialism Aggression Victims The Soviet Union Japan Forgetting War responsibility 

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