The Hegemonic Narrative of the Pacific War: Japan’s Conspired and Aggressive War

  • Aleksandra Babovic
Part of the New Directions in East Asian History book series (NDEAH)


This chapter looks at the preparation of a legal and historical narrative for the Fifteen Years War by the International Prosecution Section and difficulties it faced to connect distinct theaters and moments of war to build its case. Babovic argues that the Allied version of events represents the hegemonic narrative as it focuses on charge of aggression and manipulates events in order to fit them into it. The analysis of the indictment reveals that due to the lack of direct evidence, the prosecution had to rely on the suspicious legal concepts in international law to give to the case coherence that is otherwise missing. The chapter demonstrates the prosecution’s determination to get convictions of all defendants and prevent their acquittals.


Status quo Aggression Fifteen Years War Indictment Tokyo Tribunal Conspiracy International crime 

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