The IMTFE as a Venue for Legislating Process

  • Aleksandra Babovic
Part of the New Directions in East Asian History book series (NDEAH)


Babovic shows the internal struggles within the US administration when it comes to the degree of its leadership within the IMTFE. This chapter analyzes the establishment of the Tribunal through the prism of the inter-Allied rivalry that skillfully challenges US supremacy. The Commonwealth nations and their personnel play a crucial role in making the prosecutorial machine finally work and considerably contribute to the quality of the prosecutorial work. This particular moment in the Tribunal’s history is important for the ubiquitous imperative of speeding up the opening of the trial until public interest is still high. Another important topic in this chapter is the analysis of institutional mechanisms that are at the disposal of the Allies allowing them to influence occupation policies in Japan.


Far Eastern Commission The IMTFE International Prosecution Section Rivalry Allied powers The US Cooperation Occupation IPS Supremacy 

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