In the Shadow of the Paris Peace Conference: Behind the Scene of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East

  • Aleksandra Babovic
Part of the New Directions in East Asian History book series (NDEAH)


This chapter shows the rise of preeminence of the international law in the first decade of the twentieth century and in what way it is important for advancing foreign policy of the Great Powers at that time, with focus on the US and Japan. Babovic shows the nexus between the 1919 Versailles Peace Conference and subsequent institutional and contractual instruments adopted in the interwar period to limit war. The chapter focuses on the contested idea that war is an illegal and a criminal act upon which the new post-World War II international order is established and its relation with IMT Nuremberg and Tokyo Tribunal.


Versailles Peace Conference Aggressive war Use of force Kellogg-Briand Pact Status quo International order Japan The US 

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