Implementation of Authentication and Access Control Protocol for Heterogeneous Network

  • Vivek UgaleEmail author
  • Swati Suresh Pawar
  • Yogesh Murlidhar Gaikwad


Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are centralized networks of sensor nodes which communicate through a base station using wireless medium. On the contrary, mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) are infrastructure less network created dynamically. Sensor nodes forming the network have low power, less memory, less computational capacity and often deployed in emergency environment as per the application requirement. As nodes communicate with each other wirelessly, they become vulnerable to different attacks like eavesdropping, denial of service (DOS). To avoid the intrusion from the unauthorized user, authentication and data access control become very necessary. This paper illustrates the implementation of two of such techniques, mutual authentication and access control based on elliptic curve cryptography (MAACE) and energy-efficient access control scheme based on elliptic curve cryptography (ENABLE) for heterogeneous network on network simulator 2 platform with comparison of performance evaluation of the authentication protocols.


Access control Authentication ECC ENABLE MAACE MANET WSN 


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  • Vivek Ugale
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    Email author
  • Swati Suresh Pawar
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  • Yogesh Murlidhar Gaikwad
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  1. 1.Department Electronics and Telecommunication EngineeringSITRCNashikIndia

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