Big Data Analytics

  • Bhagya Nathali Silva
  • Muhammad Diyan
  • Kijun HanEmail author
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During the last few decades, with the emergence of smart things and technological advancements of embedded devices, Big Data (BD) and Big Data Analytics (BDA) have been extensively popularized in both industrial and academic domains. The initial portion of the chapter aims to deliver a generic insight toward BD and BDA. In later sections, details that are more specific to BD and BDA are discussed. In fact, BD notion is characterized by its distinctive features such as large amounts of data, high-speed data generation, and wide variety among data type and sources. Consideration on these characteristics assists in determining potential data processing techniques. Hence, this chapter further elaborates on key BD analytical scenarios. Moreover, application of BD, BD analytical tools, and data types of BD are described, in order to enlighten the readers about this broad subject domain. Finally, the chapter concludes by identifying potential opportunities as well as challenges faced by BD and BDA.

List of Abbreviations


Internet of things


Big Data


Big Data analytics


Machine learning


Deep learning














Relational database management system


Extensible Markup Language


Wireless sensor networks


Cyber physical systems




Artificial intelligence


Data mining


Online analytical processing


Business performance management


Natural language processing


Named-entity recognition


Database management systems


Uniform resource locator


Not only SQL


Hadoop Distributed File System


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