Quality Analysis of Rear Axle Assembly Based on AHP

  • Yun-rui WangEmail author
  • Juan Li
  • Hong-Yu Ge
Conference paper


Product quality is an important factor for the survival and development of enterprise. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of design, the assembly process also plays a crucial role in the formation of product quality. Through field investigation and analysis, combining with the current situation of product quality of an axle factory, using the pareto chart, researchers found quality fluctuation was mainly caused by abnormal sound at rear axle and rough surface. According to the principle and step of AHP, a three-level evaluation system was established. Combining with the actual assembly process, it was calculated that the influence of assemble rear wheel hub and brake hub were the greatest. This method changed the status of the enterprises’ experience as quality judgment method, and provided a reliable theoretical basis for the implementation of modern quality management.


Rear axle assembly Quality AHP Analysis 



Project supported by the youth scientist fund of NSFC (No. 51705417).


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