A Study on IOT Tools, Protocols, Applications, Opportunities and Challenges

  • N. DeshaiEmail author
  • S. Venkataramana
  • B. V. D. S. Sekhar
  • K. Srinivas
  • G. P. S. Varma
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 862)


Today’s latest marketing weapon is also new extremely urbanized innovative equipment to combined devices jointly to accomplish efficient computerization and hurriedly take accomplishment to things together and jointing each on with smoothly exchange communicate control observe the things compute like automation in current planet as IOT. It presents more immediate, instant, and fast responding facility to gadget concerning the things globe and anticipated reason that things direct to innovate, advanced, instantaneous, smart servicing, raise in potency and smoothness. Always an IOT preserve and ready with unmistakably and faultlessly oversized diversity of different systems, whereas it provided that open access services on required hardware which makes more interactive surroundings. Designing and constructing IOT worldwide which is really advanced task, its internal computation of gain strategies and connection layer knowledge, IOT would be real and advanced gadget-to-gadget (g2g) connecting model that likes very nearest to future, during which service of existence be going away to serve through microcontrollers; transceivers are used about digital things and suitable procedure and corresponds to everything also the total strategy support and efficient services for people’s living manner. But, an important challenge still hinders its progress, particularly protection, power and speed problems. This entire survey paper is a center of attraction with an absolute study on (Internet of things) IOT important architectures, applications, platforms, designing issues, and protection.


IoT Protocol Gadget-to-Gadget Application Hardware Architecture 


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  • S. Venkataramana
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  • B. V. D. S. Sekhar
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  • K. Srinivas
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  • G. P. S. Varma
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