Fabrication Processes for Sensors for Automotive Applications: A Review

  • Aviru Kumar BasuEmail author
  • Shreyansh Tatiya
  • Geeta Bhatt
  • Shantanu Bhattacharya
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MEMS technology has revolutionized the industries of twenty-first century by combining the micromachining technology with the silicon microelectronics. The miniaturized devices produced from MEMS-based fabrication process have good adaptability and flexibility due to its low power consumption and compactness. MEMS devices are hugely deployed for automobiles sectors like accelerometer, gyroscopes, pressure sensors, etc. These devices are fabricated through batch fabrication in industries, using various types of fabrication technologies. In this chapter, first we have given an overview about MEMS. In the second section, we have given details about various kinds of materials which are utilized in the formation of sensors. In the third, fourth, and fifth sections, in details, different lithographic, bulk, and surface micromachining techniques, and thin film deposition techniques are discussed. At the last section, we have mentioned recent progress in MEMS-based processes, which are presently used mostly in atomic level for the fabrication of sensor and devices for automotive application.


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