MEMS Sensors for Automotive Applications: A Review

  • Geeta BhattEmail author
  • Kapil Manoharan
  • Pankaj Singh Chauhan
  • Shantanu Bhattacharya
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The automotive industry has always been an area, where the possibility to explore more and to achieve next-gen technology remains a challenge. As the market is growing, the possibilities are being explored on a wider scale. And these growing possibilities are increasingly demanding the research for the more accurate functioning of the automotive through the use of various sensors and the integration aspects associated with them. While enhancing the quality/performance of the vehicle, the need to reduce the size of sensors always remains a challenge. Over the period of time, the technology has advanced and these challenges are taken care through the use of MEMS (Microelectro mechanical systems) integrated systems. MEMS helps in devising microscale sensors with higher accuracy in small size and low cost. In the automotive, there exists a huge need for these installing these sensors and utilizing them to refine the performance characteristics of the vehicles. This chapter aims at discussing important MEMS-based sensors and their applications in the automotive-like tire pressure and monitoring systems, engine management system, vehicle stability/passenger safety system, and emission control.


MEMS Engine management Tire pressure and monitoring Vehicle stability Passenger safety 


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