Sequential Micro-EDM

  • MD. Rashef Mahbub
  • Asma Perveen
  • Muhammad P. JahanEmail author
Part of the Materials Forming, Machining and Tribology book series (MFMT)


In this chapter, different sequential conventional and non-conventional micromachining processes with micro-EDM have been discussed elaborately with their applications in modern-day research and industrial fields. The necessity and advantages of sequential micromachining processes and their difference from hybrid micromachining have been carefully identified. Micro-EDM combined with micro-grinding, micro-milling, micro-turning, micro-ECM, micro-drilling, laser micromachining, LIGA have been discussed with their advantages over respective single processes. The common issues that generally stand in the way of pulling out sequential processes successfully or hamper their accuracy have also been addressed. The chapter also suggests some initiatives to solve those issues. While wrapping up, the chapter emphasizes on the fact that how sequential micromachining, if properly implied, can solve a lot of problems that currently available single processes are dealing with and widen the vast possibility of micromachining of 3D complex structure with high level of accuracy.


Micro-EDM Sequential machining Micromachining Combined machining Micro-level accuracy Micro-tools 


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  • Asma Perveen
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