School Emergencies and College Student Psychological Crisis Intervention

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General among college students, psychological maturity is inferior to physical maturity. In case of emergency, without enough knowledge on crisis handling, college students are unable to access the risk of crisis, which makes it difficult to protect and adjust their psychology, and they are very likely to fall into psychological crisis [Chen and Li in J Beijing Univ Aeronaut Astronaut, 2012 1]. The research on school security status in contemporary times, analysis on causes, innovation of working mechanisms on college campus security, more emphasis on psychological crisis interpose as well as commitment to psychological security development, enhancing on college campus security regulation and initiative, and innovative, well-directed, and practical research on the improvements of college campus security mechanisms are of not only theoretical values, but also profound social and practical significance.


School emergency College student Psychological crisis Psychological crisis intervention 


Compliance with Ethical Standards

The study was approved by the Logistics Department for Civilian Ethics Committee of Zhengzhou Campus, CPLA Army Artillery and Air Defense Forces Academy.

All subjects who participated in the experiment were provided with and signed an informed consent form.

All relevant ethical safeguards have been met with regard to subject protection.


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