Geospatial Data Requirements, Software, and Analysis for the Study of Floods in Urban Catchments

  • Ch. Ramesh NaiduEmail author
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High intense rainfall due to rapid change in climate creates abnormal threat to engineers and city planners throughout the world and resulting urban areas being inundated from hours to days. This results in damage to infrastructure, public, and risk of epidemics. The recent floods in Mumbai and Chennai are some incitements to the public and government. Geospatial technology in conjunction with Remote Sensing plays an important role in flood modeling and mitigation analysis. Geospatial data serves as an input for hydraulic simulation and thereby the simulated results can further transferred back to GIS system for real world graphical representation of the potential flood vulnerability zones. There are many GIS, satellite data processing and hydraulic simulation tools/software is available in the industry. This article highlights the advantage of using a combination of open source software to arrive the objectives of flood hazard mapping and modeling.


Open source software Storm water management Remote sensing Geographic information system Digital elevation model (DEM) Hydraulic simulation Landuse/landcover 


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