Parameter Design and Analysis in Friction Welding of Brass Material Using Grey Relational Analysis

  • C. ShanjeeviEmail author
  • J. Thamilarasan
  • N. Balaji
Conference paper
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In today’s context, joining of dissimilar materials is experiencing a huge development which finds applications in different fields of interest. This study focuses on optimization of process parameters in friction-welded joint on similar brass material. A L9 (34) orthogonal array of Taguchi design is considered for welding parameters to maximize and minimize in tensile strength and weld time. Since the parameters are considered with multi-outputs, grey relational (GRA) is used to identify the optimal parameter. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) is performed on the measured data and S/N (signal-to-noise) ratio. By utilizing multi-objective optimization, the value of prediction observed from grade mean value 0.831 is increased further to 0.845 through an additional evidence of test. Consequently, the Taguchi method was found to be promising technique to obtain the optimum conditions for such studies.


Friction welding Brass Grey relational analysis (GRA) 



The authors gratefully acknowledge the Metal Joining Lab, IIT, Madras, for utilization of machine to conduct the experiments.


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  1. 1.Department of Mechanical EngineeringVel Tech Rangarajan Dr. Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science and TechnologyChennaiIndia

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