A Study on Machinability of Leather Using CO2-Based Laser Beam Machining Process

  • S. Vasanth
  • T. MuthuramalingamEmail author
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The utilization of laser technology on machining leather has grown significantly during recent years due to number of advantages such as flexibility, high production speed, possibility to cut complex geometries, easier cutting over conventional cutting methods of slitting knifes, die press techniques and manual cutting . In the present work, an endeavor has been proposed to analyze the machinability of leather using CO2-based laser beam machining (LBM) process. Buffalo leather has been taken as specimens in the present study. It has been inferred that LBM can produce less dross compared to conventional machining while cutting leather.


Leather LBM CO2 Surface 


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  1. 1.Department of Mechatronics EngineeringSRM Institute of Science and TechnologyKattankulathurIndia

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