A Scheme of PV Cell Operated BLDC Motor to Drive Fans and Pumps in Rural Areas

  • Santanu MondalEmail author
  • Madhurima Chattopadhyay
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This paper describes the development of a schematic model for a photovoltaic (PV) panel fed sensorless drive of permanent magnet brushless DC motor for improvement in power utilization as substitute of conventional motors. In general, photovoltaic based systems require a few converters (AC-DC/DC-AC) for rural appliances which produce a power loss of around 20–30% for each. In order to drive BLDC motors, one can easily avoid this conversion loss by directly connecting the BLDC motor to the DC bus form the PV panel. Before real time implementation, we studied the schematic system through mathematical expressions in MATLAB/Simulink based platform in which, a simulation model of photovoltaic array has been designed with rated I-V characteristics. Hence, the power obtained from the PV panel is supplied to BLDC motor drive through proper circuitry which incorporating three phase inverter. The sensorless drive for the BLDC motor uses d-q model for rotor position estimation and the simulation work assumes a normal irradiance of 1000 W/m2. In the implemented hardware, a battery is placed in between solar panel and the motor drive in order to maintain constant supply. The main objective of the proposed work is to drive a BLDC motor operated fan/pump in rural areas through solar power by eliminating unwanted conversion loss as well as shock hazards.


Sensorless BLDC motor Capacity factor SPWM Photovoltaic 


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  1. 1.Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Techno IndiaSalt LakeIndia
  2. 2.Applied Electronics and Instrumentation EngineeringHeritage Institute of TechnologyKolkataIndia

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