An Electronically-Tuneable VDTA Based Sinusoidal Oscillator

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This paper introduces an electronically-tuneable sinusoidal oscillator design utilizing VDTA as an active building block. The introduced design incorporates two VDTA blocks, two capacitors, one resistor and finds its suitability for fully integrated circuit applications. The condition for oscillation (CO) and frequency of oscillation \( \left( {\omega_{\text{OSC}} } \right) \) of the proposed oscillator design are electronic tuneable by varying the DC bias currents of VDTA. The oscillator design operates at a low voltage of ±1 V and consumes very low power of 2 mW. The frequency of oscillation of the proposed oscillator is evaluated to be 46 MHz. The simulation result confirms the theoretical prospects of the design. The oscillator design is analyzed using Virtuoso Analog design Environment of Cadence.


Condition for oscillation VDTA Sinusoidal oscillator Analog integrated circuit Frequency of oscillation 


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