A Novel Solution for Controller Based Software Defined Network (SDN)

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Software Defined Network (SDN) is the upcoming networking architecture where the data and control plane are separately handled by the system. This enhances the performance of the overall system including failover, back-up and recovery. SDN manages through dedicated controllers that take care of the control plane. Therefore, the data plane and the control plane work independent of each. However, a number of problems have been identified in the SDN architecture, including single point controller failure, controller placement problem and problems related to distributed or cluster controller environment. The authors in this research article proposed a framework with Backup and Restoration System (BRS) that minimizes the existing limitation of the SDN.


Software defined network SDN controller Network topology 



The authors of this article acknowledge research support provided by Department of Computer Science and Engineering, NITTTR, KOLKATA for their work. The authors sincerely thank each and every employee of Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, of this institute for their immense support and inspiration.


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