Review of Medical Image Classification Techniques

  • Hiral KotadiyaEmail author
  • Darshana Patel
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With the advancement in the technology, the data volume is increasing day by day. Besides, it creates more complexity if the database is the image database, which requires more attention. The image databases are highly required in various areas like geographical systems, robotics, health sciences, bio-matrices. Thus, there emerged a need for depth research in the field of image mining. Image mining is method to extract knowledge from the images. Image classification is one of the techniques of image mining. Image classification is process of finding model from database of image features which predict unknown class label. In this paper, medical image classification task is enclosed. Medical image database sources, image pre-processing, feature extraction, and selection methods are included. Various classification methods are involved with description, pros, and cons.


Medical image classification Data mining Image mining Feature extraction Feature selection 


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