Development Process: Chinese E-governance from Exploration to Comprehensive Promotion

  • Ping DuEmail author
  • Shiyang Yu
  • Daoling Yang
Part of the Research Series on the Chinese Dream and China’s Development Path book series (RSCDCDP)


If the government’s adoption of computers represents the beginning of E-governance, China’s E-governance forays can be traced back to the 1970s. Through more than 30 years of construction and development since, China has made significant achievements and accumulated valuable experience in E-governance and has begun to pave the way for E-governance construction suited to China’s national conditions. With government information technology as the incision point and major government-funded projects as links, promoting the adoption of information technology in the national economy and society has been the key to the success of Chinese E-governance.

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  1. 1.National E-Governance Extranet Management CenterBeijingChina
  2. 2.Information Research DepartmentState Information CenterBeijingChina

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