Experimental Analysis of Salt Diffusion in Compacted Clays by Through-Diffusion and Half Cell Technique

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The estimation of the model parameters namely effective diffusion coefficient and retardation factor of a potential landfill liner material was presented in this paper using the experimentally measured salt concentration data. Experimental data of concentration variation of time and spatial distance in compacted bentonite was obtained using two diffusion measurement techniques viz. through-diffusion and half cell technique, respectively. The bentonite was subjected to the same concentration gradient and compacted density in both the experimental methods to compare the results and understand underlying mechanism in the diffusion tests. The measured data from the laboratory diffusion techniques was analysed using a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based Dot-net application CONTRADIS. The CONTRADIS was used to estimate the model parameters by the inverse analysis. The application uses the solution of the forward analysis and stochastic algorithm for the inverse analysis. The retardation factor obtained theoretically was validated using laboratory batch sorption tests.


Through-diffusion Half cell Clay CONTRADIS 


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