Research on the Handwriting Character Recognition Technology Based on the Image Statistical Characteristics

  • Yongfeng SunEmail author
  • Zhonghua Guo
  • Weijiang Qiu
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 849)


The research on the image pattern recognition has always been a hot topic. In this paper, the automatic identification technology of image is studied, the research contents include image preprocessing, image feature extraction and image content identification. BP neural network is used for the research on the image content identification. The processing methods in this article include the following steps, first, the pre-processing of the image. Including image de-noising and feature extraction; second, training the BP neural network with the processed handwriting character image; third, the recognition test of the unknown handwritten character. 95% recognition accuracy is realized, and the research has some practical application value.


Handwriting character recognition Image recognition Back propagation neural network 


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