An Intelligent Cartographic Generalization Algorithm Selecting Mode Used in Multi-scale Spatial Data Updating Process

  • Junkui XuEmail author
  • Dong Li
  • Longfei Cui
  • Xing Zhang
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 849)


In multi-scale spatial data updating process, cartographic features vary dramatically with the scales evolution. So, it is the critical step to select suitable cartographic generalization algorithm which can perfectly fulfill the scale-transformation task. This problem is also a main obstacle in the way of automatic spatial data updating. Through deeply studying the flows of multi-scale spatial data updating process, an intelligent cartographic generalization algorithm selecting mode is proposed. Firstly cartographic generalization algorithm base, knowledge base and case base is built in this mode. Secondly, based on the step of resolving the cartographic generalization process into segments, a self-adaption cartographic generalization algorithm selecting architecture is constructed. Thirdly, an intelligent cartographic generalization algorithm selecting and using flow is established and put into effect. Overall, this mode provides a new idea to solve the automatic problem of multi-scale spatial data updating.


Spatial data Updating Cartographic generalization Intelligent selecting Multi-scale map 


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  • Junkui Xu
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    Email author
  • Dong Li
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  • Longfei Cui
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  • Xing Zhang
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  1. 1.Luoyang Electronic Equipment Test Center of ChinaLuoyangChina
  2. 2.Zhengzhou Institute of Surveying and MappingZhengzhouChina

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