Transformation of Technical and Vocational Education: From Quantity Expansion to Quality Improvement

  • Xueping WuEmail author
  • Yiqun Ye


To meet the needs of international competition, socialist modernization and economic transition, technical and vocational education in China has made a significant transformation in recent years. The transformation manifested as a leap from quantity expansion to quality improvement. Focusing on the quantity-to-quality leap, this chapter will discuss three issues: (1) the reason why technical and vocational education and training in China need to be transformed; (2) measures taken to realize the transformation; (3) changes taking place during the transformation. These issues will be probed into from the four aspects: factors pushing the transformation progress; specific measures to realize the quantity-to-quality transformation, from the aspect of increasing the educational vitality, enhancing teaching and training efficiency, improving management and evaluation methods and completing external guarantee mechanism; some detailed examples given to prove that schools and relevant stakeholders have already taken actions to improve the quality of vocational education and training; the inspiring outcomes are given: the enriched educational resources, the strengthened teaching ability of teachers, the enhanced employment rate of students and the established quality assurance system.

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