Review of Kazuko Furuta (Ed.), Chūgoku no Shijōchitsujo17seiki Kara 20Seiki Zenhan Wo Chūshinni (Market Order in China—From the Seventeenth Until the First Half of the Twentieth Century)

Keio University Press, Tokyo, 2013
  • Hajime Kose
Part of the Monograph Series of the Socio-Economic History Society, Japan book series (MSSEHSJ)


This book is based on the reports presented at the 2009 World Economic History Congress held in Utrecht. It goes without saying that researches leading up to these reports have been conducted by already well-acknowledged academics. Therefore, the value of this book consists in how they deal with the problem, “market order in China,” which makes the title of the book.


Chinese market system 

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  1. 1.Faculty of EconomicsRyukoku UniversityFushimi-Ku, KyotoJapan

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